Antminer K7 63.5TH/s
    • Antminer K7 63.5TH/s
    • Antminer K7 63.5TH/s

    Antminer K7 63.5TH/s


    This asic miner Antminer K7 with hashrate of 63.5TH/s is designed for Eaglesong algorithm for Nervos cryptocurrency blockchain mining, with a power consumption of only 3080W.

    NERVOS  NERVOS:   63.5TH/s*


    WATT   WATT:   3080W

    *Hashrate compute power and power consumption data may vary +/- 5%.

    Mining pool

    pool de minage    HiveON

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    The Antminer K7 63.5TH/s is designed for miners who want to start mining with a high performance, yet reliable and energy efficient machine. Designed in partnership with China's leading chip foundry, the Bitmain Antminer cryptocurrency asics are one of the most advanced machines on the market today. Antminer K7 63.5TH/s uses the latest chips to deliver faster hashing speeds, better productivity and lower power consumption than ever before.

    Antminer K7 63.5TH/s emit heat as well as significant noise (80 dB on average). Domestic use should be avoided if you do not have a suitable room to isolate noise and thermal pollution or use animmersion cooling tank to avoid the inconvenience of noise and heating. Antminer K7 uses the Eaglesong algorithm for mining Nervos, and can achieve hash speeds of up to 63.5TH/s, and a power consumption of only 3080W which represents the best value for money of current bitcoin ASIC miners.


    Mark Antminer
    Series K7



    Hashrate power 63.5TH/s
    Power consumption 3080w
    Feed Included
    Weight 16,1Kg
    decibels 80dB


    The price of asic is subject to the constant evolution of the market. Therefore, if you pay for your order but it is not yet ready to ship and the price has increased when we receive your payment, we will refund you.

    *Hashrate compute power and power consumption data may vary +/- 5%.

       stat Product statistics and profitability

    Need to see the profitability of Asics Mineur Antminer K7 63.5TH/s in real time for this product? There are precise calculators for each miner on the web. You can check the profitability of the Asics Mineur Antminer K7 63.5TH/s here.


    calculator Nervos

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      garantie  Product Warranties

    All the products we sell in our Mining Delta shop are guaranteed. The manufacturer's warranty is 12 months for new asics or 14 days for used asics. Power supply is included in the price and tested before shipping. Then if you encounter a problem with a product that is defective or otherwise, we let you contact us to notify us so that we can take the necessary action. If the product complies with the warranty conditions, then it is returned to the manufacturer for repair.


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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Why is the price of ASICs linked to the price of the cryptocurrencies they mine?
    The price of ASICs is often linked to the price of the cryptocurrencies they are designed to mine for several reasons. First of all, the demand for ASICs largely depends on the profitability of mining the corresponding cryptocurrency. When the price of a cryptocurrency increases, the profitability of mining also increases, which can lead to increased demand for ASICs and an increase in their price. In addition, ASIC manufacturers adjust their prices according to market demand and variations in the price of cryptocurrencies.
    What is the difference between solo mining and pool mining?
    Solo mining involves mining blocks independently, meaning the miner keeps all the rewards if they successfully solve a block. Pool mining involves multiple miners working together to solve blocks together, and rewards are distributed among pool members based on their contribution.
    Is it profitable to mine cryptocurrency?
    The profitability of cryptocurrency mining depends on several factors, including the cost of electricity, the price of cryptocurrency, the computing power of your hardware, and pool fees if applicable. It is recommended to make calculations of profitability before starting mining.
    Does cryptocurrency mining use a lot of energy?
    Yes, cryptocurrency mining can consume a lot of energy, especially for cryptocurrencies that are computationally intensive like Bitcoin.
    Is cryptocurrency mining legal?
    In many countries, cryptocurrency mining is perfectly legal. However, regulations vary from country to country, so it is important to research local laws before you start mining.
    Which cryptocurrency offers the best return on investment (ROI) for mining?
    ROI for mining varies depending on many factors, including cryptocurrency price, mining difficulty, transaction fees, and operating costs. Historically, Bitcoin has been profitable for many miners, but other cryptocurrencies may offer better ROI depending on market conditions.
    What is the best cryptocurrency to mine?
    Choosing the best cryptocurrency to mine depends on several factors, including available computing power, cost of electricity, available mining hardware, financial goals, and personal preferences. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies to mine include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Kaspa (KAS), and others.
    What are the risks associated with cryptocurrency mining?
    Risks associated with cryptocurrency mining include price volatility, high operating costs (such as electricity), obsolescence of mining hardware, increased competition, scams and potential fraud in mining pools, as well as changing government regulations.
    How do I start mining cryptocurrency?
    To start mining cryptocurrency, you will need appropriate mining hardware (like ASICs or GPUs), mining software, a wallet to store your rewards, and you will have to choose between solo or pool mining. It is important to do thorough research and understand the technical and financial aspects of mining before you begin.

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    Antminer K7 63.5TH/s

    Antminer K7 63.5TH/s

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