Immersion Cooling

Immersion Cooling is a box where Asics or Rigs are immersed in a liquid bath specially designed for this, to reduce noise and heat from the machines.

Immersion Cooling

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DCX Cooling Pack

  Décibel:   55-67dB

   WATT:   870W

The DCX Cooling Pack includes as a whole

- A box (for the immersion of Asics or Rigs)

- An electrical panel (for Asic or Rigs)

- A radiator (to cool the liquid)

- All the pipes (for the connection of the different sets)

Price €5,770.80

Liquid ThermaSafe R™ 25 L

25 L container of ThermaSafe R™ high performance dielectric heat transfer fluid. Fully synthetic, dedicated to both crypto mining and server cooling, compatible with electronic components and biodegradable technical fluid.

Price €300.00

Dielectric solvent 10L

10L container of solvent and cleaning fluid, to remove hydrocarbon heat transfer fluid from electronic components and accessories.

Price €240.00

Enclosure Monitoring Sensors

Monitoring sensors and controllers and management software for immersion enclosure, rack and container systems. Monitors and records every step of your operations.

Price €216.00

DCX BitPod (Complete package)

  Décibel:   55-67dB

   WATT:   480W

The DCX BitPod features as a whole

- A box (for the immersion of Asics or Rigs) 2XS19 Antminer or 4XM30 Whatsminer

- Liquid ThermaSafe R (66L)

- A radiator (to cool the liquid) 15/21kW

- All the pipes (for the connection of the different sets)

- Temperature and humidity sensor

- 8X fan emulator

Price €5,390.40

MDX8 Immersion Cooling

The MDX8 mining rig is the perfect solution for those looking to make a profit with their own mining farm. This "plug and mine" kit contains everything you need which means all you have to do is plug it in, set up your remote account and start mining.

  Décibel:   55-67dB

   WATT:   870W

The MDX8 features as a whole

- An All-in-One box (bin, electrical panel, internet switch); (for immersion of Asics, Rigs or rack server)

- Two 5m three-phase extensions

- A box for the red three-phase plug connector (to be connected to your electrical installation)

- 250L of oil specially made for immersion cooling

Price €0.00