Immersion Cooling

Immersion Cooling is a box where Asics or Rigs are immersed in a liquid bath specially designed for this, to reduce noise and heat from the machines.

Immersion Cooling

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DCX Cooling Pack

  Décibel:   55-67dB

   WATT:   870W

The DCX Cooling Pack includes as a whole

- A box (for the immersion of Asics or Rigs)

- An electrical panel (for Asic or Rigs)

- A radiator (to cool the liquid)

- All the pipes (for the connection of the different sets)

Price €5,770.80

Liquid ThermaSafe R™ 25 L

25 L container of ThermaSafe R™ high performance dielectric heat transfer fluid. Fully synthetic, dedicated to both crypto mining and server cooling, compatible with electronic components and biodegradable technical fluid.

Price €300.00

Dielectric solvent 10L

10L container of solvent and cleaning fluid, to remove hydrocarbon heat transfer fluid from electronic components and accessories.

Price €240.00