DCX BitPod (Complete package)
  • DCX BitPod (Complete package)
  • DCX BitPod (Complete package)
  • DCX BitPod (Complete package)

DCX BitPod (Complete package)


  Décibel:   55-67dB

   WATT:   480W

The DCX BitPod features as a whole

- A box (for the immersion of Asics or Rigs) 2XS19 Antminer or 4XM30 Whatsminer

- Liquid ThermaSafe R (66L)

- A radiator (to cool the liquid) 15/21kW

- All the pipes (for the connection of the different sets)

- Temperature and humidity sensor

- 8X fan emulator

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Compatible with all crypto mining hardware

The mining immersion case is capable of supporting crypto mining hardware, including GPU rigs and ASIC miners. Each universal immersion mining case will accommodate 20 GPUs, or 4 Whatsminer M20/30/31 series ASIC miners, or 2 x S17 or S19 Antminers.

Performance increase. Reduced bills

The numbers are impressive, 30% lower electricity bills with a PUE of 1.05, most fans can be removed, and the system cools miners for a long time with PSUs. Liquid cooling systems allow overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware that produces 20% more hash with hardware and software optimization. Plus, most users get up to 10% more share through stability

Quiet and discreet mining

An ASIC miner generates 75 dB noise day and night. With a small farm of 2-4 rigs or ASIC miners, this is unbearable 24/7. A specific location is required. Juveniles should be spaced out and placed in a relatively cool place. The air must be filtered and ventilated, which means expenses for fans, air conditioning, location, filters. With our liquid immersion cooling, you can operate quietly wherever you want or in the area with the most suitable power. Placing 20 GPUs or 4 ASIC miners in the box with dimensions less than 667x350x515cm solves all problems. As simple as that.

Sustainable heat reuse

Durability is key. The proprietary engineering fluid extracts 100% of the heat from the ICT or Blockchain infrastructure. Hot liquid 60°C / 140°F can be # reused for local community or office heating. This mobile system can be located near solar or hydroelectric or biomass power plants to utilize excess energy or waste/biomass and power infrastructure with a PUE close to 1.01 and a virtually zero carbon footprint.

Work anywhere!

Our systems are designed and built to operate in remote locations close to energy sources such as solar power plants, wind turbines or hydroelectric plants. Immersion cooling completely isolates the equipment from the outside air. The system works flawlessly even in a hot climate, with high ambient temperatures being a real alternative for remote mining. We have eliminated all mechanical parts requiring frequent replacement. Only active subsystems: pumps, have an industrial grade MTBF.

Access to cheap or surplus energy

From the universal immersion mining case to the immersion mining rack to the mobile mining container – you can operate in remote locations and use low-cost energy directly at the source. This allows us to position or migrate your mining farm to regions with a competitive supply or overcapacity of energy – negotiate smartly with green energy providers around the world: solar, wind or hydro power plants.

State-of-the-art liquid immersion cooling

We have designed, developed and tested a radically new self-regulating liquid cooling system specifically designed for the blockchain mining industry. This patent-pending cooling solution achieves class-leading energy efficiency with consumption of only ~1% of total system energy consumption.

Fewer repairs, more uptime!

The technical fluid is compatible with 95% of the mining systems for which we have been able to verify the compatibility of the materials. This system will ensure improved MTBF throughout the life cycle of the mining infrastructure. Systems immersed in liquid are completely protected from high temperatures, humidity, dust and vibrations. All of this results in an immediate increase in miner MTBF and the elimination of a majority of scheduled maintenance.


In the Pack there are:

- DCX BITPOD immersion mining enclosure

Immersion mining enclosure with hydraulic fittings, 185W continuous duty pump 40 dB) and 21 kW brazed plate heat exchanger. Heat transfer with 40°C inlet and 60-65°C outlet

- ICP15 PRO - 21 kW integrated cooling and pumping system

ICP15 PRO with single-phase system of 50/60Hz industrial fans. System of integrated cooling and pumping with continuous duty electronic pump of 160 l/min maximum and dry liquid-air cooler. Dimensions 875x460x665cm which provide more than 15kW of heat transfer in an ambient temperature of 35°C. Two 55-67 dB fans, 50cm in diameter. Maximum power 480W.


- Liquid ThermaSafe R™

3X22L of liquid specially made for electronic equipment.

- Temperature and humidity sensor

a sensor connected directly to the tank to control and alert if the temperature is too high.

- 8X 4 pin fan emulator

fan emulator for asics (if you remove the fans to immerse them in the tray).

Bitcoin mining calculator

Data sheet

electric power
480 Watt
box capacity
2X Asics (S19) or 4X Asics (M30)
wood pallet
Commercial guarantee
180 Days

Specific References


manuel F2POOL

Download (1.28MB)

manuel DCX Immersion Cooling

Download (3.97MB)

manuel Wallet

Download (2.36MB)

Les asics de minage vert

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