Liquid ThermaSafe R™ 22 L
  • Liquid ThermaSafe R™ 22 L
  • Liquid ThermaSafe R™ 22 L

Liquid ThermaSafe R™ 22 L


22 L container of ThermaSafe R™ high performance dielectric heat transfer fluid. Fully synthetic, dedicated to both crypto mining and server cooling, compatible with electronic components and biodegradable technical fluid.

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The best dielectric coolant on the market. Fully synthetic engineered fluid with 2x better properties than any competitive fluid. Dielectric strength greater than 60 kV, viscosity 5 cSt, flash point 160°C. No tint, no aroma, non-toxic, non-allergenic, long life, eco-friendly, crystal clear, halogen-free and harmless. Designed specifically for electronic cooling, compatible with ASICs, GPUs, servers and electronic equipment. More than 20 years of product life. This new liquid for immersive cooling of electronics and semiconductors with the most competitive quality/price ratio available. The unique chemistry of this engineering fluid allows it to act as a dielectric coolant, removing heat directly from electronic components. Not only does this liquid have a very low viscosity, but as a single-phase liquid it does not require any of the complex systems needed to evaporate and condense two-phase fluids

The main characteristics of this liquid are low viscosity, high dielectric strength – above 60 kV, high oxidation and humidity stability, excellent quality/price ratio and extremely low pour point at – 45° vs. Our proprietary dielectric heat transfer fluid is compatible with electronic components and will not degrade equipment like fluorochemical fluid or transformer oil, but will improve miner life. Single-phase liquid carries 100% of the heat out of the case and protects the devices from the harsh environment and failure mechanisms including high temperature, humidity, vibration, corrosion, dust – major causes electronic failures. Reduces thermal expansion cycle, maintains consistent temperature, eliminates airborne contaminants and failures due to zinc and tin deposit growth. Replacing fans with fan emulation circuitry means quiet extraction, less maintenance and more uptime. We provide our customers with: Custom volumes in 22L containers, 208L ThermaSafe™ drums, 1000L caged ThermaSafe™ IBCs, ThermaSafe™ 

By using a medium with 1600x better heat capacity and 4.5 times better thermal conductivity than air, you can store your equipment very densely saving space and separating you from fans and heaters. air management constraints. Additionally, all components of the miner are cooled evenly, so there are no hot spots that cause a fire hazard. ThermaSafe R™ also functions as a fire extinguisher to ensure you are protected even in remote mining operations.

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Data sheet

Electronics cooling, ASIC miners
Breakdown voltage
[kV] 60
Kinematic viscosity [mm2/s]
Density at 15°C [kg/m3]
Doublet [°C]
Flashpoint [°C]
Specific heat at 40°C [J/(g*K)]
Thermal conductivity at 40°C [W/(m*K)]
Biodegradability [30d]

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