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Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F All-in-one
  • Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F All-in-one
  • Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F All-in-one
  • Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F All-in-one
  • Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F All-in-one

Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F All-in-one


The Pack X2 Kit Mining B75F consists of a closed steel chassis, a motherboard with 8x 70mm slots for graphics cards, a 64GB SSD with HiveOS top, a 4GB DDR3 RAM array, a 2x 3GHz Intel Pentium G2030 processor (socket 1155), 8x fans with dimmer, a Lianli 2000 watt power supply.


KASPA  KASPA:   10160MH/s*


WATT   LIANLI:   2000W

* Hashrate is an average with 8x Nvidia 4080

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The Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F is a high-end option for miners looking for a powerful, reliable and energy-efficient machine to start their mining adventure. Created by LIANLI, a renowned company specializing in cryptocurrency mining machines, this kit uses state-of-the-art components to ensure optimal hashing speeds, productivity and energy savings. As a professional or individual, it is important to choose the best equipment for successful and efficient mining operations.

When using the Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F, it is important to note that it produces both heat and variable noise ranging from 40 to 80dB on average. To avoid any inconvenience related to noise and heat, it is recommended to operate it in a room adapted to isolate these nuisances or to use a cooling immersion tank. This mining kit uses different algorithms such as Ethash (Ethereum classic), KHeavyHash (Kaspa), Kawpow (Ravencoin) and can reach hash speeds of   up to 10160MH/s while consuming only 1280W of power.   Overall, the B75F Mining Kit offers the best value for money among current mining kits.

This product has a 12-month manufacturer's warranty for new B75F Mining Kits.


Series B75F
Housing STEEL
Motherboard 8X GPU slot (70mm axis)
Hard disk SSD 64Go
Processor Intel Pentium G2030 2x3GHz
power supply 2000W
Weight 17KG


*Hashrate compute power and power consumption data may vary +/- 5%.

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