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Find the best wholesale gaming hardware! Discover a complete selection of high-end products for video game enthusiasts. From powerful graphics cards to fast processors, we have everything you need to create exceptional gaming experiences. Order in bulk now for competitive prices and fast delivery.

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Pack X10 Samsung 980 PRO...

Boost your gaming, video editing and content creation performance with the 10 Samsung 980 PRO 500 GB NVMe SSDs. Discover its blazing speeds, reliability and compact M.2 form factor.

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Price €850.00

Pack 2X Mining Kit B75F...

The Pack X2 Kit Mining B75F consists of a closed steel chassis, a motherboard with 8x 70mm slots for graphics cards, a 64GB SSD with HiveOS top, a 4GB DDR3 RAM array, a 2x 3GHz Intel Pentium G2030 processor (socket 1155), 8x fans with dimmer, a Lianli 2000 watt power supply.


KASPA  KASPA:   10160MH/s*


WATT   LIANLI:   2000W

* Hashrate is an average with 8x Nvidia 4080

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Price €1,200.00