Goldshell CK5 12TH/s
    • Goldshell CK5 12TH/s
    • Goldshell CK5 12TH/s

    Goldshell CK5 12TH/s

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    The Goldshell CK5 12TH/s is designed for SHA-256 algorithm for mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, with a power consumption of only 2400W.

      CKB:   12TH/s*

       WATT:   2400W

    * The Hashrate is an average


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    The Goldshell CK5 12TH/s is designed for miners who want to start mining with a high performance, yet reliable and energy efficient machine. Designed in partnership with China's leading chip foundry, the Goldshell cryptocurrency asics are one of the most advanced machines on the market today. Goldshell CK5 12TH/s uses the latest chips to deliver faster hashing speeds, better productivity and lower power consumption than ever before.

    Goldshell CK5 12TH/s emit heat as well as significant noise (80 dB on average). Domestic use should be avoided if you do not have a suitable room to isolate noise and thermal pollution or use an immersion cooling tank to avoid the inconvenience of noise and heating. Goldshell CK5 uses the Eaglesong algorithm for Nervos mining and can achieve hash speeds of up to 12TH/s, and power consumption of only 2400W which represents the best value for money ASIC miners of current bitcoins.

    This product has a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months for new asics or 14 days for used asics. Power supply is included in the price and tested before shipment.


    Power Hashrate12TH/s
    Power consumption2400w
    Power supplyIncluded


    Used Asics can be dirty (dust, scale) they can also be dented or have scratches.

    The price of asic is subject to the constant evolution of the market. Therefore, if you pay for your order but it is not yet ready to ship and the price has increased when we receive your payment, we will refund you.

    *Hashrate compute power and power consumption data may vary +/- 5%.


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