Lianli watercooling 12Kw
    • Lianli watercooling 12Kw
    • Lianli watercooling 12Kw

    Lianli watercooling 12Kw


    The Lianli watercooling 12Kw is designed for liquid cooling of Asic type Antminer S19 hydro or Whatsminer M33S++/M53/M56 the Lianli watercooling 12Kw is equipped with a radiator with several fans, a pump with reservoir and all the pipes.

    FROID:   12KW

        WATT:   60W

    * Power consumption data may vary by +/- 5%.

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    Here is the Lianli watercooling 12Kw the ultimate solution for liquid cooling of the Asic Antminer S19 hydro or Whatsminer M33S++/M53/M56 type. Equipped with a high performance radiator and multiple fans, this cooling system is designed to keep your mining equipment running at maximum efficiency. The pump, tank and all pipes ensure a seamless and reliable installation. With the Lianli watercooling 12Kw, you can be sure that your mining operation is in good hands. Invest in this professional-grade cooling system today and take your mining operation to the next level.

    The Lianli watercooling 12Kw for liquid cooling with a cooling power of 12Kw and a power consumption of only 60W which represents for the asic a drop in power consumption is the power to increase the hashrate of your asic (change custom firmware).

    This product has a manufacturer's warranty of 12 months for new asics or 14 days for used asics. Power supply is included in the price and tested before shipping.


    Brand Lianli
    Series Watercooling 12Kw
    Cooling power 12Kw
    Power consumption 60w
    Power supply Included
    Weight 25Kg
    Decibels 50dB

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