Enclosure Monitoring Sensors
    • Enclosure Monitoring Sensors

    Enclosure Monitoring Sensors


    Monitoring sensors and controllers and management software for immersion enclosure, rack and container systems. Monitors and records every step of your operations.

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    Remotely manage and monitor your crypto mining operation in addition to mining statistics and monitoring system.

    DCX monitoring sensors and management software monitor every aspect of your immersion cooling system in a rack or container scale. We monitor the temperature of the immersion case and distribute this information in real time to the web server, which allows constant monitoring. The web interface available from your mobile phone allows configuration of SMS/messaging, alarms and email notifications. Data is logged in real time to determine and analyze usage trends that help optimize the system. History and event management allows you to create custom procedures based on your specific location and mining operation.


    In large-scale installations, we also monitor supply, dielectric supply and return temperatures, flow, pressure, pump status, heat transfer level, alarms, etc Users can easily locate and proactively avoid any issues. The program is available in a hosted version, a standalone installation, and in a mobile app for your convenience. Installation only takes a few minutes. This custom-developed centralized system saves time and enables unified, hassle-free remote operation of your mining farm.

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    Data sheet

    Temperature monitoring range
    -55 ~ 125 °C
    Degree of precision
    30s; 1 minute; 15 minutes; 30 minutes; 1h; 12h; 24h
    50 000
    Interface and scope
    WiFi / 150m
    Power supply
    230V / 50hz or battery

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