Dielectric solvent 10L
    • Dielectric solvent 10L
    • Dielectric solvent 10L

    Dielectric solvent 10L

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    Mining Delta,
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    10L container of solvent and cleaning fluid, to remove hydrocarbon heat transfer fluid from electronic components and accessories.


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    This solvent can also be used to clean electronic equipment of any contamination (debris, dust) before immersing it in Thermasafe fluid. In addition, it can be used as a cleaning fluid to clean all immersion equipment: enclosures, tanks, hoses, pumps, etc. from an oil-based fluid. Safe to use for rubber and plastic, and contains no hazardous substances. Does not require any special protective equipment during daily use. The solvent can be used for spray cleaning or for cleaning by immersion in immersion tanks. After cleaning, any residue evaporates and dry, spotless equipment can be operated in the standard air-cooled manner. The dielectric solvent is available in 10L, 20L and 200L containers. 10 to 20 L is enough to completely remove any residue of heat transfer fluid from 30 to 40 miners.



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