Wallet Hardware Ledger

1. First thing to do is to go to the site Ledger officiel.

configue Ledger nano S & X

2. Buy one of the Ledger "Nano S" "Nano S plus" or "Nano X" products

configue Ledger nano S & Xconfigue Ledger nano S & Xconfigue Ledger nano S & X

3. Wait to receive the material at your place.

When you receive your Ledger, the first start you will have to write 24

words on the small cardboard sheet provided with. it's 24 words are your private key NE

NEVER DISCLOSE IT (Ledger will never ask you to release the 24 words by phone, SMS, email) and don't lose it either, because you won't be able to recover the cryptos inside.

configue Ledger nano S & X

configue Ledger nano S & X


Ledger software

1. Download the Ledger Live Software on computer or smartphone

■ On computer: Ledger Live

■ On Android: Ledger Live

■ On iOS: Ledger Live

2. As soon as you launch Ledger Live for the first time, you must synchronize your Ledger with Ledger live. follow the detailed procedure software

3. It's good you are on your Portfolio, to see the total balance you have on your Ledger.

configue Ledger nano S & X

4. In the "Accounts" tab you will find your different cryptocurrency accounts (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.).

configue Ledger nano S & X

5. Sending is receiving

Every time you want to do an action: send, receive, update your Ledger. You will need to have your Ledger on is

clicked on both buttons at the same time to validate the step you want. (ATTENTION check the address carefully when you send/receive

cryptos, if you make a mistake the money will go to another crypto account, that would be a shame:(

configue Ledger nano S & X

configue Ledger nano S & X

Product Annex

Ledger's Annex products are Buy/Sell cryptocurrency, Swap and Lending.

Buying and Selling cryptocurrency, such as

names indicates it is to buy crypto

currency by credit card.

configue Ledger nano S & X

Swap is for exchanging crypto currency if you

have Bitcoin is that you want to have

Ethereum, you come to this tab.

configue Ledger nano S & X

Lending is a loan, you stack crypto

currency (you locked in cryptos for a return) is you earn compensation for the

having left, Ledger mostly offers Stablecoin.

configue Ledger nano S & X


Manager is the tab to update its Ledger is to put the applications of each cryptocurrency

The Ledger Nano S is smaller and less than

storage than the nano X, it is very good for

people who are new to crypto currencies.

The nano S is wired it must be plugged in to

functioned, which limits its use to

the outside.

configue Ledger nano S & X

configue Ledger nano S & X

The Ledger Nano X is larger than the Nano S by its

much larger memory capacity (more

application install, when you have several

different cryptocurrency wallet).

the Nano X is also Bluetooth is does not need a

cable to work, it is very useful with

the Ledger live app on a smartphone.

you can use it anywhere is anytime.