1.1 component of the asic

The main components and the front panel of the ASIC S19 controller are shown in the following figure:

tuto S19 mining delta

tuto S19 mining delta

APW12 power supply:

note mining deltaNote:

1.APW12 power supply is part of ASIC S19.

2.Two power cords are required.

Server Setup:

note mining deltaAngry IP Scanner is supported by Microsoft Windows.

1. Go to the following site:https://angryip.org/

2.Download the following file: Angry IP Scanner

3.Run the file.

4.Right-click Angry IP Scanner.exe and run it as administrator.

5.Use the IP range of your Antminer (same network between the box is the asic):

■for ISP boxes (orange, sfr, bouygues, free, etc.) the ranges are 192.168.XX.XXX

■for routers (netgears, tp-link, cisco,...ect) the ranges are 10.0.XX.XXX

6.Click Start.

note mining deltaThe default DHCP network protocol distributes IP addresses automatically.

tuto S19 mining delta

tuto S19 mining delta

7.On the controller board, click the IP Report button. Hold it down until it beeps (about 5 seconds).

tuto S19 mining delta

Antminer's IP address will be displayed with a green dot (there is not always Antminer in the hostname but [n/s])

tuto S19 mining delta

7.In your web browser, type the provided IP address or CTRL+2

8.Log in using root for username and password.

9.In the Protocol section, you can assign a static IP address (optional) or leave DHCP for more security.

tuto S19 mining delta

ASIC Setup

Configuration of the mining POOL

To configure the server:

1.click Parameter marked below.

tuto S19 mining delta


1.The fan speed percentage can be adjusted, but we recommend that you keep the default setting. The ASIC will automatically adjust the fan speed if the fan speed percentage has already been selected.

2.There are two working modes of ASIC S19: normal mode and sleep mode. The server enters sleep mode provided that the control card is powered while the hash tables are not.

2.Set the following options:

Mining address: Enter the address of your desired pool.

Nom: Votre ID de travailleur sur le pool sélectionné.

Password (optional): The password of the selected worker.

3.Click "Save" after setup.

4.Monitoring your Asic

To check the working status of your asic:

1.Click dashboard to check server status.

tuto S19 mining delta

note mining deltaNote: The S19 server has a fixed frequency of 675 MHz. The firmware will stop when the Temp(Output) reaches 95°C, there will be an error message "over max temp, pcb temp (real-time temp)" displayed at the bottom of the kernel log page. Meanwhile, the ASIC temperature on the dashboard interface becomes abnormal and displays “Temperature is too high”.

2. Monitor your asic according to the following descriptions:

Number of chips: Number of chips detected in the chain.

Frequency: ASIC frequency setting.

Real Hashrate: Real-time hashrate of each hash table (GH/s).

Inlet Temp: Inlet temperature (°C).

Outlet Temp: Outlet temperature (°C).

Chip state: One of the following statuses will appear:

●Green icon - indicates normal

●The red icon indicates an anomaly

5.Administer your Asic

5.1 Checking your firmware version:

1.Red frame represents firmware version.

2.Firmware version displays the date of firmware used by your asic. In the examples below, the asic is using firmware version 20200405.

tuto S19 mining delta

5.2 Upgrading your system

note mining deltaMake sure the Asic S19 stays powered during the upgrade process. If the power fails before the upgrade is complete, you will need to send it back to Bitmain for repair.

To upgrade server firmware:

1.Under System, click Firmware Upgrade.

tuto S19 mining delta

2.To keep the settings:

■Select “keep settings” to keep your current (default) settings.

■Deselect “keep settings” to reset the server to default settings.

3.Click the button and navigate to the upgrade file. Select the upgrade file, then click Update.

4.After the upgrade is complete, restart the asic and it will go to the configuration page.

tuto S19 mining delta

5.3 Changing your password

To change your login password:

1.In System, click on the "Password" tab.

2.Set your new password, then click "Save".

tuto S19 mining delta

5.4 Restoring initial settings

To restore your original settings

1.Turn on the asic and let it run for 5 minutes.

2.On the front panel of the controller, press and hold the Reset button for 10 seconds.

note mining deltaResetting your asic will restart it and restore it to its default settings. The red LED will automatically flash once every 15 seconds if the reset is successful.