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Aladdin is a manufacturer of asics on the BITCOIN algorithm.

Aladdin Miner is a manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining rigs and one of the most valuable technology companies in the world. Aladdin Miner designs, manufactures and sells ethereum mining rigs, ethereum classic is heavily involved in the Asics market

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Aladdin RS Pro 1300MH/s

The Aladdin RS Pro 1300MH/s is designed for Ethash algorithm for mining Ethereum, Ethereum classic, with a power consumption of only 1280W.

  ETHEREUM:   1300MH/s*


   WATT:   1280W

*Hashrate compute power and power consumption data may vary +/- 5%.

Price €27,829.20

Aladdin E1 2400MH/s

  ETHEREUM:   2400MH/s*


   WATT:   1280W

* The Hashrate is an average

* Possibility of customs fees

Price €50,227.20