An ASIC (or "Application Specific Integrated Circuit") is an electronic chip, entirely dedicated to the calculation of complex algorithms as part of the cryptocurrency mining process. Originally, miners performed this work through the sole processor of their computer. Quickly, CPUs were replaced by graphics cards, offering more hash power.

ASICs represent the latest technological innovation in mining, enabling more efficient and profitable mining than any other hardware. So much so that the majority of cryptocurrency mining today is accomplished via ASICs, running 24 hours a day in air-conditioned data centers, solely dedicated to this task.

However, each ASIC is designed for the calculation of a single type of algorithms, and therefore can only be used for the mining of one and the same cryptocurrency.


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DCX Cooling Pack

  Décibel:   55-67dB

   WATT:   870W

The DCX Cooling Pack includes as a whole

- A box (for the immersion of Asics or Rigs)

- An electrical panel (for Asic or Rigs)

- A radiator (to cool the liquid)

- All the pipes (for the connection of the different sets)

Price €5,770.80

Liquid ThermaSafe R™ 25 L

25 L container of ThermaSafe R™ high performance dielectric heat transfer fluid. Fully synthetic, dedicated to both crypto mining and server cooling, compatible with electronic components and biodegradable technical fluid.

Price €300.00

Dielectric solvent 10L

10L container of solvent and cleaning fluid, to remove hydrocarbon heat transfer fluid from electronic components and accessories.

Price €240.00